CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

Closed Circuit TV Surveillance is a highly effective crime-fighting tool used by businesses and homeowners alike who want to ensure they have the upper hand against theft, sudden intrusion, trespassing, vandalism, and other unwelcome activity. Secure Solutions has established itself as the go-to source for the installation and upgrading of both analog and digital camera surveillance systems.

Having the capability of keeping an eye on all comings and goings from your home or business 24/7 brings peace of mind in knowing that any unwelcome activity is being monitored and recorded. Perhaps you suspect neighbors or others of inflicting damage to your home or property, but without proof it is difficult to seek justice. Parents appreciate the importance of in-home surveillance in protecting the safety of their children when they are alone at home, or under the care of a babysitter. There are any number of reasons why installing surveillance cameras is part of a truly effective home security system. One instance would be when a dispatch call is received with video verification that someone is in the house, response priority is increased.

Keep an Eye On What Matters To You

Seeing is believing; that is why video surveillance systems provide the most effective evidence for homeowners and business owners seeking answers and protection.  Secure Solutions relies on the highest technology available in the marketplace for its video surveillance service. Digital IP camera technology with high definition imagery, streaming, software applications and interface capabilities is an effective tool available to our customers.

Digital technology allows those with 3G & 4G cellular service and high speed Internet service to access their surveillance system from any location. The camera system can be programmed in conjunction with an alarm system to send a text of a video clip to your cellphone when an alarm system is activated. Business owners know that cameras are a very effective tool against theft and vandalism both during business hours and after hours when no one is there.

Alarm Monitoring

It doesn’t matter if you are in a rural setting or a gated community, a mobile home or a million dollar home, a small business or large, we can handle your security.

At Secure Solutions we do such much more than install alarms. Our excellent customer service doesn’t end when we have installed a new or upgraded security alarm system in your home or business. We offer professional and dependable alarm monitoring service from a UL-Certified central monitoring station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  The Bad Guys don’t take days off and neither does our monitoring dispatch service. We are here to protect you, your loved ones and your valuables at all times.

Monitoring Notification

Should an alarm in your home or business be triggered, our monitoring service will contact you via your cellphone as well as a secondary contact cellphone, when applicable, for verification. Local police will be alerted when there is concern that a burglary or home invasion is in progress. Smartphones allow for interactive services. You can use your smartphone to turn your alarm system on or off, receive text messages for notification if a code is used and the home is entered. This interactive service can be the “brain” for total home control, part of your comprehensive alarm monitoring service. The mobile app can be  part of your service plan.

We Will Gladly Take Over Your Monitoring Service

Frequently, residential and business customers come to find that they are dissatisfied with their current monitoring service, or perhaps it has gone out of business or sold out to another unfamiliar firm. We invite you to change your monitoring service to Secure Solutions and let us provide dependable, trustworthy and personal local service. Forget the impersonal, dime-a-dozen internet monitoring services that only respond to signals and not your service needs. Turn to us – your neighborhood alarm company.  We care about you and your safety!

When so much is at stake, don’t wait.

Let Secure Solutions design and install security measures that will bring you peace of mind wherever you may be.